Film Society of NWPA

Our Mission


The mission of the Film Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania is to elevate Erie's film industry, empower regional filmmakers, and foster patronage for the art of film.

It is our goal to increase the economic impact of film on our region by providing cultural enrichment, leadership, expertise while liaising between agencies, services, businesses, and the film production industry.

Serving Our Community

Since inception in 2011, the Film Society of NWPA has served the Erie community with high-quality curated film programs, events, and series reaching an audience of more than 14,000. In 2013, we created the Greater Erie Film Office to meet the demand of filmmakers seeking resources and locations, and have since produced four screenwriting and filmmaking competitions, 5 seminars, and many networking events to connect and foster local talent.

Our Impact

A 2019 economic impact study conducted with the Data Center at the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership examined the impact film production can have in Erie County. We are well-suited for independent filmmaking, so our study examined low and micro-budget films. A $300,000 budget production has almost $700,000 of value in services, income, and taxes.

Get Involved

The Film Society of NWPA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that relies on event revenue, grants, and individual contributions to fund GEFO and other film programs. Here’s how you can help:


Contribute directly at any level, or donate on Erie Gives Day for a partial match. Your gift goes to providing programs and services to filmmakers in our region.


Attend our weekly series Film Grain Dinner & Movie at the Bourbon Barrel, annual fundraising events such as Film & New Media Dinner, a Nightmare on State Street Halloween Party, and Oscars Viewing Party, and other virtual programs. Check out the Film Grain podcast and hear from filmmakers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs in Northwestern Pennsylvania, discuss industry news, and film reviews and recommendations.

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  • Erika Berlin, Executive Director
  • John C Lyons, Director of Programming
  • Tom Fox Davies, Production Coordinator

Board of Directors

  • Joel Deuterman, Board Chair
  • Jessica Taylor, Board Vice Chair
  • Dan Sloppy, Treasurer
  • John Vanco
  • Jacqueline George

Board of Advisors

  • Marc Blucas
  • Chad Villella