Divine Instinct

Gary Spinosa stepped away from his growing reputation among the handful of rising sculptors in the world, choosing instead to study and follow his artistic vision on a 28-acre farm in Venango, Pennsylvania.

For thirty years, he's lived a reclusive life working seven days a week on his art, passing through phases of Mummies, Portals, Icons and hand-sized ceramic pieces he calls Stones. His work transcends our modern pathological consumption as well as the consumer art that defines our society. We step into his world of dreams, transformed by a spiritual consciousness that skirts, or perhaps more accurately blends, Christianity with ancient gods and Paganism, and Reality with the Metaphysical.

Spinosa's work transfixes the viewer like the Sirens of Ancient Greek mythology, but Spinosa isn't luring you to a shipwreck. He guides you on a journey into the psyche, both ancient and fresh in an Archaic Revival.

The documentary walks you along Spinosa's past, by his canary-yellow Ford Pinto rusting back into the earth, to his heart-wrenching inability to create for years, to a redemptive art and life that soothes with its gentleness and challenges with its audacity. The Spinosa Project will make you ache for something better for your own living soul and reminds us that Art may be humanities' truest legacy.

Production Company: Goshawk Productions
Director: James Gossard
Writer: James Gossard
Star: Gary Spinosa

"Greater Erie Film Office (GEFO) worked closely with my company to help us source and procure the best crew and gear for our production in 2018. When I walked on set, everyone recommended by GEFO was primed, prepared, competent, able to learn, and ready for work. The crew gelled as a team ready to create the best possible product for the project. Crew and gear were on location before call and the can-do positive spirit by everyone associated with the production gave us the highest quality material to propel us into post-production"

James Gossard, Writer/Director

Gohawk Productions